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Hair Loss Facts & Myths

Daily use of blow dryers cause
thinning hair
Too much heat from the blow dryer can dry your hair and cause brittleness and breakage. It will not, however, make your hair thinner. Use common sense and a lower setting when using heating elements on hair.
If dad is bald, I'll be bald
Though paternal influence plays a genetic part in one's hair future, actual hereditary patterns are from both parents. If both mom and pop are balding, chances are so will you. But if only pop has thin hair, and mom has thick hair, your chances are greater for less hair loss.
Brush your hair 100 strokes
every day to stimulate hair growth.
Over-brushing can actually damage your hair.
Tight caps and hats will make
you bald.
This is just another . Hats wont' and can't shrink hair follicles.
Cutting Hair Will Make It Grow Thicker
Because your hair is thicker at the base, cutting your hair may give it an appearance of being thicker. But after the hair's normal life span, new hair grows at the same original diameter of your pre-cut hair.
There is Nothing You Can Do
to Prevent or Treat Hair Loss
In the last 15 years, HLCC has proven, over and over, that this is just not true. With the right personalized regimen, you CAN stop hair loss and you CAN re-grow more hair. HLCC provides both non-surgical and surgical options that can change your self image. True, there are no miracle cures, but there are proven programs that will improve you hair loss issues. Stopping hair loss is the crucial first step in combating progressive hair loss.

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"Everyone has approximately 100,000 hairs, and hair cycles every 2 to 6 years (average is 3 years) and is genetically programmed."

Dr. S. Michael Fuhrman, D.O.


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