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Choosing the right laser for your hair loss treatment plan isn’t easy. Select the correct laser and you’ll help your clients see great results, while earning you a solid income serving their needs. Choose the wrong laser (or choose an LED being sold as a laser) and you’ll bring great disappointment to your customers, while hurting your own credibility.

Who can you trust to help?

For more than 25 years, HLCC® has been helping medical spas, salons, hair clinics, physicians, and entrepreneurs choose the right lasers for their clients, not only in the UK but worldwide. With more than 20 styles to choose from there is a laser to meet every business and client need. More importantly, HLCC has helped our more than 175 affiliate clinics to grow their business by providing consistent results. HLCC understands our business will only succeed through caring about our customers and continuing to exceed their expectations. So that’s what we’ve done since 1987.

What Should You Consider
When Purchasing a Laser?

  • Do you want a laser with laser diodes, LED diodes or both?
  • What is the difference between them and how can you tell? Which will give you the best results?
  • What is the difference between a cosmetic laser and an FDA-cleared laser?
  • Should you choose a hood or flat panel, and does it matter?
  • What does it mean that 99 percent of all lasers sold for hair loss are for cosmetic purposes only except for the MEP-90® and HairMax LaserComb®?
  • Is there a difference between salon grade and clinical grade lasers?
  • How do you build long-term residual income with different lasers?



What Should I Look For
When Purchasing a Laser?

  • Does the company sell multiple lasers for various purposes or just one laser they promise to be the best?
  • Do they specialize in laser hair loss therapy, or is it lumped in with other services?
  • Do they have a track record of satisfied customers?
  • Do they offer training to help you learn to use the product correctly?
  • Do they offer 24 hour support and replacement policies in case you experience a problem?
  • Do they have their own trusted hair loss product or do they use someone else’s?


  • Do they have four Medical Directors and an RN on staff who direct your treatment program?

  • Have they been using hair loss lasers for 25 years and operating under the same name or do they keep changing their name like several do?

  • Ask them about their pro-active marketing. Do they actively help you market your laser?

  • Do they have UK support and provide you with in depth training on not only hair loss but also on how to do consultations, sell the service, and market it successfully?



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