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Ultimate 160 SJL
Ultimate 160 BEH

As the Global Leader in Laser Hair Loss Treatment, HLCC® designs all of our Ultimate Hair Lasers using our extensive knowledge of laser hair loss treatments. Our Trichologists, 4 doctors along with our world renowned laser hair loss experts have developed the best laser treatment programs and methodologies to maximize each client’s treatment. We have helped hundreds of clinics in 30 counties worldwide to get the most from their laser investment.

HLCC® offers a large selection of Cosmetic and Medical Hair Loss Clinic Lasers in the world. We offer lasers from many vendors, including several brands other than Ultimate Hair Laser. HLCC® has the ability to customize a laser for any type of business or budget.

Anyone can sell you a laser. Yet to develop a profitable new service or business – you need expert training, ongoing support and marketing. HLCC® has earned a stellar reputation with 19 years of experience with laser treatments and almost 30 years of running our own hair loss clinics. We provide the key elements that will help you dramatically grow your business and help your clients successfully solve their hair loss issues. Give us a call today and we will help you design the perfect laser system for your business.

Ultimate 160 SJL


160 SJL Clinic Hair Loss Laser

The 160SJL is one of our most popular panel lasers housing 170 laser diodes in a new five panel design for maximum coverage. This laser provides easy to program laser sessions with the user friendly digital display and is built of durable aluminum housing to ensure long term durability.

The 160SJL is one of our popular, medical grade looking-lasers at a more affordable price.

Ultimate 160 BEH



The 160BEH is our most popular hooded laser housing 160 laser diodes for maximum coverage. Sleek new black hood design fits fashionably in any Salon, Spa or Hair Clinic environment. Laser Treatment sessions are easy to program with the user friendly digital display

The durable roll-about stand allows for ultimate flexibility for those with limited space concerns. This unit is easy to adjust each client’s laser session and is very durable.

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