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Partner with the most Experienced Hair Loss Treatment Provider

Hair Loss Control Clinic (HLCC) is the most experienced hair loss treatment provider in the world specialising in Laser hair therapy and Laser hair loss treatments for men and women suffering from Androgenetic Alopecia, Traction Alopecia and Alopecia Areata. If you are currently a hair loss treatment provider - or interested in starting a hair loss treatment business - our unmatched experience can help you tap into this Billion Pound Market. HLCC is recognized worldwide as a leader in Laser hair loss treatments and produces the most effective hair loss products available. With more than 25 years in business, 4 Medical Doctors, 175+ clinics and hundreds of distributors in 30+ countries Globally, HLCC can add revenue to your hair loss treatment business. We will equip you with the relevant training and ensure you become an expert in treating hair loss. HLCC manufacture the world's most advanced hair loss products including laser combs, laser brushes and clinic lasers. Our products are clinically proven and patented and we also offer a Private labeling Service.

Multi-Therapeutic Approach To Hair Loss Treatment.

HLCC combines unique, superior hair loss products with the most advanced and state-of-the-art hair loss lasers for maximum results in treating hair loss. Don't be fooled by other companies telling you that you don't need to use any hair products to stop hair loss. HLCC is the Global Leader in treating hair loss because we believe that both products and laser work hand in hand to provide maximum results. No other company has better results. Its simple - HLCC's treatment protocol WORKS!!!

Image and Marketing provides:

Our training manual includes DVD's with the following:

- High resolution images, TV adverts, radio adverts, logo's and graphics

- Customised brochures including your business logo and contact information

HLCC NOLA is featured on local segment
discussing laser hair therapy.

HLCC CEO Bill Blatter and VP of Brand
Management Allana Calloway discuss
Multi-Therapeutic Approach on
"Good Morning Texas"

HLCC VP of Brand Management Allana
Calloway and HLCC Affiliate Shelly Beatty
of Stylemakers Salon discuss Hair Loss
on "Good Morning Texas"

HLCC Medical Director, Dr. Sheila Calderon,
discusses Low Level Laser Therapy on
"Good Morning Texas"

HLCC Affilate Shelly Beatty and Stylemakers
Salon of Fort Worth Texas shows
client success and satisfaction

Advanced Training and Support 

Our 2 Day Comprehensive Training Package ensures that you are fully equipped to becoming a hair loss specialist. Our on-going support helps you become the hair loss treatment expert that your clients will trust. Both together will ensure that you have a successful business which is built upon business integrity and ethics.

- Core of Knowledge

- Sales/Marketing

- HLCC Scripts Hair Loss Products

- How to perform a consultation

- Hair loss specialist examination - Only once this has been passed will a Certificate be provided.



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